A View of Bernalwood From Outer Space (on Christmas Eve)

When he is not fomenting regional separatism and geopolitical intrigue, La Lengua rebel propagandist Burrito Justice is also a bit of a stargazer. Recently, he tracked down an infrared photo of the Bay Area that was taken from the International Space Station on Christmas Eve, 2011.

The image above shows the greater Bay Area, but Burrito Justice did that zoom-rotate-and-enhance-it thing to generate a tight shot of San Francisco. He says:

In SF, 280 and 101 barely register, but surface streets like Mission, Ocean, 19th, Geary and 3rd are clear, as are the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge.  McLaren Park and Twin Peaks are easy to see — I think I can make out Bernal too.

Indeed you can! Here’s a little pointer, for reference:

PHOTOS: Burrito Justice

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