Scenes From Last Weekend’s Alemany Farmer’s Market

Bernalwood Farmers Market  003

Adrian Mendoza, Bernalwood’s paparazzi on the prowl, went for one of his occasional walkabouts around the neighborhood last weekend. He ended up at the Alemany Farmer’s Market, and were are proud to present a selection of the photos he took.

Above, we see a very weird drooping plant that seems poised to become yet another onramp to the 280/101 Spaghetti Bowl. (Love that photo.)

At the Farmer’s Market, Adrian apparently met… THE POMELO WHISPERER!

Here’s a sporting lad preparing to play a game of Lemongrass Baseball:

Bernalwood Farmers Market  005

This gentleman sells olive oil:

Bernalwood Farmers Market  007

And this young man demonstrated how the referees signal touchdowns during football games at Napa Valley high schools:

Bernalwood Farmers Market  012

Seriously though… thanks, as always, Adrian, for sharing your photos and for making Bernal Heights look so glam.

PHOTOS: Adrian Mendoza

5 thoughts on “Scenes From Last Weekend’s Alemany Farmer’s Market

  1. I think that “pomelo whisperer” was on a episode of “Chopped” on The Food Network. He’s a chef from San Francisco. He got chopped the first round though.

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