Bernal Supper Club Expands Schedule at Cafe Cozzolino

The Boys of the Bernal Supper Club

While running an errand on Sunday afternoon, I ran into the manly men from the Bernal Supper Club as they were locking up the doors of their new part-time home at Cafe Cozzolino. They were in jovial spirits, and for good reason: The first two “pilot” dinners at Cozzolino were sell-out successes, and the future of their pop-up restaurant looks bright.

The Bernal Supper Club has clearly tapped into a deep vein of pent-up demand for a delicious place to dine on the North Slope, so now the experiment is set to continue.

For the rest of January, the Bernal Supper Club will pop-up at Cafe Cozzolino on Monday and Tuesday nights. And if things continue to go well, the fellas say, it may become even more regular in February and beyond.

In the meantime, check out the menu for this Monday and Tuesday January 9-10, stop in to sample to fare, and set your taste buds to “Yum.”

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

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  1. Whoa, awesome! Looking forward to checking it out soon. The North Slope sure is happenin’ these days.

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