Fashion Report: Winterish Weather Comes to Bernal Hill

New neighbor Rally P moved to Bernalwood recently from Boston, and he is justifiably fascinated by local meteorological and sartorial trends:

WINTER HAS HIT THE CITY! How do I know? Everyone is suddenly wearing their winter hats! Check out that sky… that’s not the fog, those are WINTER clouds that have swooped in from the great frigid North plummeting our temps to a bone chilling… 50 degrees :P.

Oh snap!


8 thoughts on “Fashion Report: Winterish Weather Comes to Bernal Hill

  1. By the way, I should definitely be accused of throwing stones in glass houses because I felt the need to turn on my car’s heated seats when I drove into work this morning :).

      • She was jumping rope the other day in a bikini. Have yet to snap a picture of her. Although I do think she will catch pneumonia this winter, I am happy she’s switched from flip flops to real shoes

    • I’ve seen her and always wanted to ask her what the deal is. It’s not an athletic bikini like beach volleyball players wear, either. It, ahem, does not seem to offer much support. Her feet do seem to be properly attired.

      • You can see her nearly every morning running up Stoneman at about 8:40-8:50AM. On first sighting and from several blocks away I thought it might be the famous bikini-wearing ultra trail marathoner, Jenn Shelton, trying out some of Bernal’s serviceable single-track. But I only needed get within two blocks to see that was most definitely not the case. I have long thought Bernalwood should do a feature on her. Stake out on Stoneman?

  2. Rally’s remark on the temperature reminds me of a rainy day the first year I lived here (1978) which got a headline in the Chron -“Storm Dumps Inch on Rain on Bay Area”. Having just escaped Boston and the Great Blizzard of ’78, I was underwhelmed by what to me was just a rainy day. Now I know it’s not a rainy day, it’s a winter storm. And yeah- I wear gloves on my morning walk now because it’s so “cold”.

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