Bernalmorphism: Why Our Seismologist Draws Bernal Heights as a Dog

Great news. Julian Lozos, Bernalwood’s senior seismologist, successfully raised the funds he needed to begin production of the San Franthropomorphism 2012 Calendar. And in a recent email alert to his friends and financiers, Julian explained why he decided to represent Bernal Heights as a dog:

The dog is Bernal Hill. Why? Because I lived in Bernal Heights when I lived in San Francisco, and I want to represent it because I miss it. Bernal’s a dog because, well, you try to keep track of the number of dogs you see on the hill or being walked down Cortland Ave. Bet you need more than four paws worth of fingers! The coloration of his fur is based on the red chert rock that makes up the hill. The underlying curly patterns on the fur represent the folds in the chert. The black patterning is based loosely on the radio tower at the summit of the hill.

Julian says Bernal Doggie will make a cameo appearance on the calendar’s credits page.  We’ll let you know when he finishes work on the project and makes the calendar available for sale.

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