Shoe Fairy Visits Bernal Heights Resident


Reader Nina was visited by a veeeeery special guest this week: The Bernal Heights Shoe Fairy! Let her tell the tale:

I was visited by the Bernal Shoe Fairy a few nights ago.

I was pushing the stroller out the front door when I noticed a pair of shoes in a plastic bag, securely closed with a rubber band, placed gently in my stoop planter box. They were hot pink, which actually matches my hair color right now. I thought it was a strange coincidence. I was not surprised, however, to find such a random thing at my doorstep, as people are always leaving things in front of my house. Bits of pottery in the other planters, used condoms, random bits of clothing, you know, whatever. There was a funeral going on at the church next door, so I thought maybe someone from the church just wanted to stow the shoes there until after the service.

So I left the shoes alone overnight, expecting the owner to come back for them by the morning. Lo and behold, the shoes were still there this morning. My curiosity increased. My husband said “it’s garbage night, just toss them out”, but they looked like decent shoes. I can’t just throw out a pair of shoes. Suede, hot pink, booties with a mini heel, looked in good condition. I was starting to think that it was not a coincidence that these shoes were left on my door step. I decided to bring the shoes in for a closer inspection.


PRADA. Someone left a gently used pair of PRADAS at my door! It’s gotta be the shoe fairy, right?

Only problem is that the shoe fairy got my size wrong. These are labeled a 36, which translates (thank you, Google) into a US 5.5 or 6. No way can I squeeze my giant post-baby feet into these beauties.

I write to you, Bernalwood, both to thank the shoe fairy publicly for thinking of me (I do, actually, need a pair of hot pink shoes for a wedding this weekend, if they had been the right size this would have truly been a magical gift), and to see if anyone else out there is a size 36 and in need of some hot kicks.

18 thoughts on “Shoe Fairy Visits Bernal Heights Resident

  1. Love the story, thanks for posting. Of course, the magical boots had to be Prada.
    I am a size 38, not the princess for this pair of booties.

  2. Nina, My 34 year old daughter would love them!!! She is a size 5 shoe and loves Prada. Let me know if this is fine with you. Thanks, Carlina

  3. Shoes are art, these are beautiful, sad such a small size, glad they fit someone,hope they live in Bernal so I can see them on some feet.

  4. Sad to hear the shoes don’t fit! I am a true size 36 and would LOVE to throw my name in the hat for them. Perhaps a barter could be arranged?

  5. Why oh why does the shoe fairy never bring size 10? Though frankly, size 10 hot pink prada would be a bit of a shock!

  6. hey chris – you’re right, they are the same ones the pope wears, only he’s a 40 mens, plus he’s a double e. fat feet, that old guy.

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