Lotus Garden Vietnamese Restaurant Set to Reopen

And now for some tasty news.

Remember that terrible three-alarm fire that devastated a building on Mission Street near Valencia last April? And how the damage forced the closure of the much-loved Lotus Garden Vietnamese restaurant?

At the time, if you recall, Lotus Garden owner Kathy Tang was very worried about the future:

The great amount of fire burned my restaurant and will take a few months for them to just rebuild the whole building. oh my god how can my family and i survive. My restaurant is my and my husband’s only income.

Six months later, things are looking up. Neighbor Amanda from the Bernalwood Intelligence Agency recently heard word that Lotus Garden was poised to reopen, and she gave our hotline a ring-a-ding-ding to share the news. Then we called Kathy Tang to confirm.

Kathy tells Bernalwood that Lotus Garden hopes to reopen on October 18, in the same location. She said the restaurant “maybe will look better” (cute!) with new paint and lighting.

“We hope our old customers who used to love us will still come see us,” she said. It’s been a rough six months, she admitted, but she had a special message for the Citizens of Bernalwood:

“Thank you to everyone who was so concerned about us,” she said.

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