SF Giants Street Art Spreads Across Bernal Heights

Bernal Heights Home Decor Trend: Is stencil street art the new white picket fence?

Our post about the homeowner on the west slope who invited street artist Get Up to do an SF Giants-themed installation on the side of his house attracted a lot of attention — both in the media and (apparently) among other Bernal homeowners.

One byproduct is that Neighbor Mason, owner of the Chalkboard House on Mullen, also reached out to Get Up to get a piece of the street art action , so there’s now a brand new stencil on those famous garage doors as well. Mason quips:

The true pain of the fall season is that Brian Wilson should be spending his time warming up, not tagging.

UPDATE: Neighbor Becky sends along a photo of ANOTHER installation in Bernal Heights. Three makes it official: Brian Wilson street art by Get Up! is definitely a home-decor trend.

Becky says:

This went up last night on the northwest slope of the hill — Coleridge St. at Powers Ave. This one was Bernalwood inspired for sure.

And to make it even more interesting, the Bernal neighbor across the street is actually a Brian Wilson lookalike!

Wish we had a photo of the two of them together. Oh well.

PHOTOS: Neighbor Mason, Neighbor Becky

10 thoughts on “SF Giants Street Art Spreads Across Bernal Heights

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  2. I’m liking these improvements on the “SF” itself. I’ll secretly covet this street art until I decide there’s room in the house budget for my own commission!

  3. The expression of Giants team spirit is very nice. But at some point these identical installations begin to feel like something other than street art. I mean, it is art and it is in the street (or driveway or alley), but when it is government sanctioned (or property owner sanctioned) is it still street art and all that the genre is supposed to mean? Still, sure hope the Giants have a better season next year.

  4. just wanted to chime in that i’m a fan of the wilson street art! đŸ™‚ when i found out about them in our neighborhood, well i had to pack up my little giant fans to find these works of art for some shots of them with graffiti wilson!
    thanks for all the local little snippets of news and pictures. i thoroughly enjoy them!

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