Block Party! On Elsie! This Saturday! And You’re Invited!

Neighbor Michael dialed in to the Bernalwood Hotline to share news about a grand block party that will take place on Elsie this Saturday:

The 200 block of Elsie Street, between Cortland & Eugenia, invites you to its 5th Annual Block Party on Saturday, Sept. 24 from 11:30am to 3:30pm. Featuring a bakeoff, a bouncy house, a pinata, entertainment, a North-South portal contest, and a block free of cars. Food is potluck so bring a dish if you would.

PHOTOS: Pictures from the 2010 Elsie Block Party, via Neighbor Michael

3 thoughts on “Block Party! On Elsie! This Saturday! And You’re Invited!

  1. FYI to all — neighbor Michael is himself a Bernalwood treasure. Along with cake pops, ample reason to attend the block party on Bernalwood’s finest street.

  2. Who is this SER who called me a Bernalwood treasure? I’d like to thank this person… personally.

    Y’all come to the Fifth Annual Elsie Street Block Party this Saturday. 11:45am Morning Stretch, 12:15pm – Joti Singh and her Bhangra-Bollywood dancers – 15-minute performance and 15-minute class. Then bouncy house, Bake-Off contest, pinata. Visit Vicky Walker at the Bernal History Project table.

    Photo above of Gillian with 2010 Bake-Off winner, Giant-themed cake pops. The competition is fierce for the bakers and very tasty for neighborhood judges.

    • It is I, your former workout buddy from WOTH and denizen of the least picturesque (but undeniably widest) block of Elsie Street. I’m out of town this weekend but have directed the family to attend the block party if they can fit it into their busy schedules.

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