All Clear on Bernal Hill Last Night

Ephemeral Summer

Ephemeral Summer

Ephemeral Summer

There are many clear nights on Bernal Hill, but nights that are both clear and warm are a rare treat. We hit the meteorological jackpot last night, so after eating dinner with a friend on my patio (another rare treat), I headed up to Bernal Hill to take a few snapshots.

No clouds. No wind. No chill. No noise. Just a sparkling city below, Sutro Tower blinking lazily from Twin Peaks, and an orange half-moon rising over Oakland.

Ephemeral Summer

Here’s another one from the same vantage point, with a passing car tracing the route along Bernal Heights Boulevard:

Ephemeral Summer

Let’s enjoy this while it lasts, people.

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13 thoughts on “All Clear on Bernal Hill Last Night

  1. Thanks! I actually used pUniverse, but it (or I) wasn’t quite accurate enough. It seems like the developer changes his compass/accelerometer/gyro algorithms every release, and not always for the better. The app was TimeLapse by Yuval Frandzel (, and the iPhone telephoto lens from photojojo. (Pretty sure I bought that lens after seeing you mention it somewhere.) I’ll check out iMotion HD.

  2. Oh, and if you like that one, I got this lovely moon/cloudscape earlier in the month, same place, same setup:

    I failed to catch the actual moonrise that afternoon, too, but that was mostly because the haze made it invisible until it had been up for 10 minutes.

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