Sandbox Bakery Opening New Restaurant Just Down the Street

There a new food fashion sweeping Cortland: Existing restaurants opening new restaurants just a stones-throw away. Vega started the trend by buying up the Liberty Cafe right across the street, and now the fabulous Sandbox Bakery is getting in on the trend with plans to open a new restaurant Eat at 903… right down the street (in the former Maggie Mudd space). SF Weekly tells it:

​Bernal Heights’ popular Sandbox Bakery is planning to expand next month with a new restaurant to be called Eat at 903.

The restaurant — named after the address, 903 Cortland — is just across the street from owner Mutsumi Takehara’s Sandbox. Takehara, a former pastry chef at the Slanted Door, opened the bakery last year. We’re huge fans of its croissants and Japanese-style curry bread.

Plans call for the restaurant to be open for breakfast and lunch, and to sell takeout dinners.

No word yet in the menu, but creativity and yum are no doubt assured.

PHOTO: via Google Maps

13 thoughts on “Sandbox Bakery Opening New Restaurant Just Down the Street

  1. I think Vega is a spin off by the same people who started the Wine Bar too. Other local-chains have not always done well though – Chez Maman was short lived. (was where Blue Star Elephant Thai is now). There could be a great Bernalwood post on all the Bernal Restaurants, past and present……

    • I dont know if it is one and the same but there is a REALLY fantastic Chez Maman as well as their little addition Chez Papa on Potrero Hill. I believe on 18th st. If it is the same, i missed my day where i could get me some slammin french food just a couple blocks from my house. At least Potrero is our neighbor and they kept the small intimate local eatery and carried it on across the freeway.

  2. Wait… so now the Vega people will have Vino Rosso and Vega and the Liberty Cafe space right across the street? That seems a little overkill… At least Sandbox and the new restaurant will have different opening hours (not competing against itself) and (one would expect) substantially different menus. Three (presumably) Italian offerings on one street, open the same hours, and with some menu crossover seems a bit much, but we do love both Vino and Vega for different reasons, so I suppose you never know.

  3. Tried a few things at Sandbox. Disappointing: if I’m going to eat tiny food, especially at those prices, it had better be really flavorful. Wasn’t.

  4. Last Saturday, at the New Taste Marketplace in Potrero, Nute Chulasuwan (the woman behind Nute’s Cupcakes and–more to the point–that amazing green Thai curry she also sells) told me she’ll be involved with this project … so I say hurray!

  5. hey jude, i cant believe you say that 😦 I think the sandbox is great!! and i am looking forward to the new place! I recommend the ginger-pork sandwich its awesome and its just $3 bucks.
    or a sweet cream croissant is delicious.

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