A New iPad App for Kids, Homegrown in Bernalwood

We like to buy local here in Bernalwood. We’ve got local bread, local meat, local pickles, and even a local debit card. But lest anyone accuse us of being t0o rustic and old-fashioned, it’s nice to know that we also grow our own iPad apps here too:

The app is called “Kidoodle: Pirate Scribblebeard’s Treasure with Oscar & Josephine,” and I downloaded it (for $3.99) for Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter, age 4, who is world-famous for being a thorough and rigorous iPad app tester.

Scribblebeard is a coloring and drawing app, with extremely high production values, clever animation, and a cheerful musical soundtrack. The Cub Reporter loves these kinds of things — she’s long been a fan of Learnl’s Finger Paint, which was created in The Mission District — and she took to Scribblebeard instantly. The user-interface is simple and intuitive, and it took her about 0.05 seconds to master it. And then she was immersed:

Here’s a drawing she made, which she then emailed to me via the app (which automatically added a glamorous frame to the image):

So it is with great enthusiasm that the Cub Reporter and I can highly recommend “Kidoodle: Pirate Scribblebeard’s Treasure with Oscar & Josephine.”

Meanwhile, Kidoodle asks:

Good question! Any other locavore apps we should know about? Do tell.

3 thoughts on “A New iPad App for Kids, Homegrown in Bernalwood

  1. wow!!!!! this is so awesome! thanks so much for the thoughtful review and coverage! i am so happy that your Cub Reporter enjoyed it. and thanks for covering bernal in all its lovely glory. i owe you a sandbox sticky bun!
    – proud bernal app developer and resident 😉

  2. Hmm, well, my brother (not the one who lives in bernal) developed a kids app, Dolls House, but he lives in St. Louis. Does that count? It’s still within the family, right? 🙂 My 3yo loves it.

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