Confirmed: Palace Steak House Will Open Next Week as Palace Steak House. BONUS: Our Agents Conduct Early Taste Test!

The New Palace Family Steak House

The New Palace Family Steak House

The New Palace Family Steak House

After Bernalwood wrote about the in-progress remodel of the former Palace Family Steak House restaurant on Mission and Cesar Chavez, much confusion ensued. When exactly would it open? What’s the food concept? And what of those scary rumors that the name was going to change to something awful like “Mission Gastropub.”

All this caused much gnashing of teeth from from fans of the old Palace Steak House, and not least from Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable, a regular reader of this blog and an authority on historic-but-obscure dive restaurants in the Dominion of Bernalwood and Our Surrounding Territories.

So it was with much interest and gratitude that we received a tip from Herr Doktor on Monday, to the effect that a firm opening date for the Palace Steak House has been established. Eager to verify this tidbit, Bernalwood rushed to the Palace Steak House, where we had the good fortune to encounter the proprietor and his nascent serving staff, just as they were setting up to test-cook a few of the entrees on the menu.

Quickly, we were able to establish these facts:

  • The new restaurant will indeed retain its former name: the Palace Steak House.
  • The classic old sign will remain, but a new awning is on the way.
  • The menu will consist of comforting middle-American favorites, such as steaks (duh), pasta, burgers, and sandwiches. For the morbidly curious, here is the full menu.
  • All entrees will cost less than $15.
  • The original PFSH sign in the window for New York Cut Steak will remain, but now with an updated price of $13.75.
  • For the disco crowd, the restaurant plans to remain open until 3 am on most nights.
  • The official opening will take place next week. Probably Wednesday, give or take a day or two.

But wait! There’s more inside scoop!

Last night Herr Doktor received the Golden Ticket: He scored a table at the Palace Steak House when the restaurant tentatively opened its doors for a soft-launch evening of kitchen testing and staff training. Here is his Herr Doktor’s exclusive pre-opening taste test report:

Decor is a bit odd, in that they essentially just put a coat of white paint on the foam ceiling tiles and ceramic wall tiles.  But, y’know? That’s ok with me, too. Keeps a little bit of the weirdo atmosphere I so treasure in my dining establishments!

Salad was more or less what it used to be… That is to say, a pile of shredded iceberg lettuce with a few strips of carrot mixed in. Could DEFINITELY stand improvement, but, seriously, how much can you expect for a $14 inclusive steak dinner? Still, Any other kind of lettuce besides iceberg (re: Crunchy Water), would be nicer. Even the option of a few different additions, like chick peas (as the old Palace did) or Beets (as Geneva Steak House does) would be great.

The Garlic bread was great, definitely an improvement over the garlic bread they used to do. Smaller piece, but it had bits of actual garlic on it! Score!

Baked potato was a baked potato. It is what it is, not a whole lot of variation you can get there.

I got the Ribeye steak, medium-rare. Meat was very tender, which was nice, but it was an extraordinarily fatty piece, which was less nice. But, y’know, sometimes that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, as it were. I look forward to trying the other cuts, hopefully they’ll be less fatty. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Two other operatives from the Bernalwood Intelligence Agency also sampled the New York steak last night, and each of them loved it.]

As I mentioned, staff was very much in beta mode, and my waiter seemed very nervous but attentive. There was a bit of a mess-up with my order (it didn’t make it to the chef correctly, I guess), so it was delayed for a while. They were extremely apologetic, but no big deal. It’s their first night, and I was like the third customer to walk in. Teething Pains are to be expected and forgiven.

All in all: No, it’s not the old Palace Family Steak House. But it seems like it could be a reasonable successor. I’ll definitely be back.

So there we have it. DJ, put that Palace Family Steak House theme song on the turntable, and let it play:

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19 thoughts on “Confirmed: Palace Steak House Will Open Next Week as Palace Steak House. BONUS: Our Agents Conduct Early Taste Test!

  1. I saw that there were folks in there the other day and was curious as to what’s going on. I have to disagree with Herr Doktor, though, that a true dive-steak-place salad must MUST be made of iceberg. Romaine at the very top end. But under no circumstances from that ubiquitous Earthbound Farms Spring Mix nonsense. You need to get some hydration from the salad to cut the salty of dried-up, straight-from-the-box croutons. I am super bummed that they no longer offer garbanzos. I do hope they still offer pepperoncinni, and onions if you want ’em. The divey steak house salad is something that must be done right. (And, I agree, that I do love me some beets on top!)

  2. I must regretfully inform you that there is nothing “classic” about their “classic old sign”. It is of the plastic-nail-salon-signage persuasion and, obviously, doesn’t match the updated logo they’ve inserted into their new Vegas-themed menu.

  3. But – WHAT ABOUT THE RANCH DRESSING??? Marina’s kick-ass ranch dressing recipe produced a mouth full of herby fresh creamy love, with a heapin helping of garlic and pepper, so it easily stood up to the iceberg-only challenge.

    I almost miss that dressing more than the steaks…


  4. Ate their last night (we were on our way to El Zocalo, but noticed it was open! with customers!).

    The salad is a dressing transport, but that’s exactly what a salad should be in a value steakhouse. The thousand was fine, but the bleu cheese was garlicky and wonderful.

    The steaks (2 x rib eye, medium rare) were just right: Cooked to the exact right level of doneness, seasoned well.

    The service was super-friendly.

    Total bill, with tax (but not tip): $36-ish.

    And since I work at 22nd and Mission, and usually am there late, words cannot express how happy I am that they’ll be open until 3am.

      • Ahh, yeah, I don’t like it. It reminds me of a hospital waiting room or something. The cold light of fluorescents, combined with bright white paint, etc.

      • However, for steak at 3am, I will put up with pretty much whatever lighting arrangement they care to throw at us. 🙂

      • Although, if it’s too well-lit at 3AM, you don’t want to be taking that “person of interest” you met at the bar by for a chunk of pre-boink bovine. One must choose their lighting schema carefully, as to not accidentally ruin what could have been a perfectly regrettable evening.

  5. Enough chitter chatter about the iceberg lettuce. Had one of THE best pizzas there today, believe it or not. And my partner had the chicken tangine. It’s not all about steak and potatoes! The chef and waiter were very friendly. We’ll be back!

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