Bernal Hill Co-Stars in (Another) Music Video

Here’s yet another MTV moment for Bernalwood.

Bernal Hill gets some key cameos in this music video for a romantic song that tells a classic tale of “artsy loner dude meets smoking’ hot girl, loses hot girl to douchebag other guy, gets hot girl back when douchbag guy reveals his douchey inner nature, but in the end it turns out the whole thing is just a made-up fantasy, because really, he’s an artsy loner dude.” In other words, it’s a very typical Bernal Heights relationship story.

The song itself is called “What If” by Summer Breeze. It isn’t as clever or as funky as that one from Jahmeel, but as we all know… that’s showbiz.

One thought on “Bernal Hill Co-Stars in (Another) Music Video

  1. Bernal Heights Represent! hahaha mY brother, being the “official” San Francisco tour guide to friends that come from all over the world, was the one responsible for showing the director/friend of this video the spot! Again its weird but we’ve lived here all our lives and not until about 6-7 years ago had we really learned to appreciate the view from up there!


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