Coming Soon? The Return of the Palace Family Steak House

Palace Steakhouse Redux
Though from the outside it looks pretty much the same as it has since it closed in 2009, there’s lots happening behind the sheets of brown paper that cover the windows of the venerable Palace Steak House at the corner of Mission and Cesar Chavez. Four decades worth of accumulated kitch and grunge have been removed, and based on these exclusive photographs captured by the Bernalwood Spybot, it seems the interior of the Palace Steak House has been throughly remodeled to look retro-shabby-chic.

Palace Steakhouse Redux

Palace Steakhouse Redux

Meanwhile, the big white sign outside still looks worn and weathered, but astute observers will notice that all the tags and handbills have been neatly painted over.

Palace Steakhouse Redux

Yes, the Palace Family Steak House is poised for rebirth as… The Palace Family Steak House. It seems the new owners seek to maintain the spirit of the classic original, which served tasty iceberg-lettuce salads and Sizzler-style steaks at prices that were easy on the pocket. I ate there twice, and both times I felt like I’d gotten a fair value for my money. The place had its fans, including a band called (… wait for it…) Palace Family Steak House. They even created a hipster “Palace Family Steak House” theme song. Listen:

The look of the remodel suggests that the new Palace Steak House is poised to continue this quasi-earnest tradition… somehow. Bernalwood hasn’t been able to contact any of the folks involved with the new Palace Steak House — we tried stopping by a few times, but the gates were closed. And we haven’t seen a menu. But rumors are flying around the street. One of our sources heard from a guy who heard from someone who knows someone connected with the project that the Palace Family Steak House may reopen as soon as next week. We’ll see…

So practice singing that theme song, watch the space, and if you know any more details, feel free to share them with us here.

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37 thoughts on “Coming Soon? The Return of the Palace Family Steak House

  1. Yes! I noticed this the other night! I am really hoping it is coming back! I loved that place, and was lucky to be one of the very last customers before they unexpectedly closed up shop in October ’09.

    I’ve been forced to trek all the way down to Geneva Steak House or brave the tourists to go up to Tad’s to get my inexpensive-but-good steaks!

  2. Also: I love that theme song. I wouldn’t call it “hipster” at all.

    • let them feel comfortable with their righteous indignation…it’s their calling. Hipster = Resentful Yuppie = Belt As Bike Lock

  3. The same band does a great song about how Delaware needs a National Park.

  4. for anyone who can’t wait until they reopen for a retro steak experience, the Geneva Steak House at Mission and Geneva is just as old-timey…

    • But further away.

      On the bright side, however, their trays are more sparkly and their salads have beets.

      • If I’m going that far out, I’ll prob’ly just keep right on going, to Broken Record: eschew the retro steak for the sweet potater tots and bacon mac.

  5. I liked the 40 year old kitch! They’re probably gonna bring in a celebrity chef and make it something fancier than it should be, like $15 iceberg lettuce salads.

    • Oh christ, I hope not. If it doesn’t remain the domain of <$20 steak, than I suppose I'll be forced to continue making the journey to either Geneva Steak House or Tad's.

  6. Aw man! I am so bummed! I was hoping for a new and exciting non-steak-centric restaurant in that space. Oh well.

  7. I wonder how nobody noticed them packing out the MOUNTAIN of cow kitsch? I especially loved the one with the bloated udders that would happily eyeball you while you chowed down on its less-wooden cousin. Oh, and the fact the place had no solid butter, only liquid (I once asked for butter on the side and was graced with a ramekin of orange liquid.) I am pleased this place is making a comeback, but I’m not sure it will have the same draw as it did when it was packed to the gills with nostalgia.

    (Parallel: Seen anyone in the old Al’s Good Food since they cleaned that place up? It’s been a ghost town every time I’ve been by…)

    • Yeah, I’ve eaten there a couple times, most recently on Saturday. It was me and one other guy, but it was right at the end of the opening hours.

      The food LOOKED nicer than it did with the old owners, but I don’t know that it actually tasted any better, or even necessarily as good as it did before. Also, and this was the weird thing, service was actually SLOWER than it was when the waitresses were 85 years old.

      And nobody called me “sweetheart” or “honey” SAD FACE.

      • Only strangers in town who could call me sweetheart and honey without getting a glare were those nice old ladies at Al’s. “Be sure to write your phone number down on here, sweetheart….” 8+ years of writing my number down and nuthin’! I hope they are well.

  8. I live next to the palace and have been saddened by it’s demise, although I stopped eating there after the cockroaches wanted to pick a fight with me over my baked potato…I nearly lost an eye…glad to see it’s looking spick and span- hope its gooooodd…. as for Al’s that’s a shame it’s just as bad (although much cleaner) than before….the lengua, bernal, socha, what ever needs a good diner, that’s clean and doesn’t make you run home….ughhhh

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  10. Touchscreen registers, shake machine, etc. make me a little bit nervous that they are going to fuck up the menu and/or vibe of the place. Hopefully I am just being paranoid.

  11. If by “interesting” you mean FUCKING TERRIBLE, then yes, I agree.

  12. The original PFSH had a table with pump dispensers, and a sign above marking it as the “Steak Sauce Station”. If that comes back to life, I’ll be there.

  13. Ate there tonight – it’s clean, and bright, and the staff was super-nice. Prices are still very reasonable, and even though it was their first night open, service was right on. Looking forward to going there again!

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  15. It’s open!! I’m one of the servers. This week we’re doing a soft open, once things get going we will be open from 11am – 3am (hopefully by end of next week or the week after…we don’t have enough staff to handle all of those hours just yet!) As Herr Doktor said, the steaks are under $16, plus we’ve added pizza and some Mediterranean dishes as well. The response has been really good. Things might not be perfect this week, we’re trying to figure out exactly how much we need, adding more things we need, etc. But the food is awesome!

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