Perhaps the Ugliest Spot in All of Bernal Heights

Lost LandscapeWe all know that Bernal Heights is a neighborhood of glamor and grandeur, and beautiful views spied from Bernal’s many hilltops are so pervasive that they’re almost commonplace.

But the vistas aren’t always so grand, and I’d like to propose that this perspective, looking south from Bernal’s east slope, may well be the ugliest spot in the entire Dominion of Bernalwood.

In fact, it’s so grim, that as soon as I saw it, I found my self flashing-back to that stoic Native American guy with the tear rolling down his cheek:

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

18 thoughts on “Perhaps the Ugliest Spot in All of Bernal Heights

  1. I know that view! If it weren’t for the unkempt sidewalk, torn fence, and vandalized sign, it could be pretty back there. I walk there often with my dog and enjoy looking at the evening commuters stuck on 101.

  2. Who does the land belong to? Perhaps we could pretty it up a bit. Would anyone be keen to try?

  3. where exactly is this? we have an ‘issue’ with a neighbour who is somewhat of a car hoarder (hoarder in general I would say) anyway we found out that the city didn’t own the land he was parking his various vehicles on it was his so there was not much could be done..however the fact this looks to be a city installed sign would lead me to think this is not private land…

  4. Sadly, “Dumping Prohibited” signs seem to encourage dumping more than discourage it- “well, clearly people have dumped here in the past, so….”

  5. I had the same flashback, but maybe there was a 15 second version ’cause I didn’t remember all the canoe shots until I scrolled down & viewed the embed.

  6. oh and look! if you pan down to the overlook of peralta at the lower end you can see my wonderful neighbours many, many vehicles all stacked up along the cliff edge! I am at a loss what to do re., that situation alas

    • Indeed. I am planning on heading out there this Saturday (7/30) at 9:30am to do a quick rubbish clean-up, and to assess for further clean-ups, maybe some planting, and prettying-up.

      Anyone would be most welcome to join me 🙂

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