Citizens of Bernalwood, We Have a New Manhole

Fellow citizens! Please join Bernalwood in celebrating the installation of our newest manhole!

Doesn’t that sound kind of smutty? Right? But this is straight-up: Yesterday workers completed the fabrication of a new manhole as part of the sewer reconstruction project taking place on Precita Avenue.

New infrastructure is innately sexy, of course. But for those who slept through your civil engineering classes, the essential function of Bernal’s new manhole is to serve as a junction for the sewer pipes that run east from Precita and north down Shotwell.

Basically, it all works pretty much the way Richard Scarry sketched it out:

And at the end of the day, we had a finished result:

Nice work! Now, friends and neighbors, here’s to 100+ years of trouble-free drainage. (Fingers crossed.)

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7 thoughts on “Citizens of Bernalwood, We Have a New Manhole

  1. Rats! I should’ve taken my daughter over to see this. Just yesterday she was asking me about manholes. We have had other fun construction observations, though, like the resurfacing on Lundys last week. Except that we ended up with a fine misting of tar on our faces.

      • Come over to Winfield tomorrow, I think they are taking up the last of the old bricks (to be replaced by new ones, due to the “Save Bernal Bricks” campaign. Get there early, they work fast!

        Plus, we have three new manholes.

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