Homegrown “I BART SF” Shirt for Transit Fashionistas

Here’s a revolutionary-chic fashion statement for Northside commuters and Southside fans of the 30th Street BART station.

Creator Jeffrey Doker says:

I live in the ‘Wood (Shotwell and Precita). I recently made a BART-themed shirt that I think SF people might love. I know BART doesn’t actually service Bernalwood directly, but I figured I’d give it a shot.

Jeffrey shoots… and scores! Want one? They are available in several flavors.

PHOTO: Jeffrey Doker

7 thoughts on “Homegrown “I BART SF” Shirt for Transit Fashionistas

  1. Todd,

    is there anything Bernal residents can do to encourage wrk to start on the 30th st BART station? I’d go /ape/ for that. It’s a tad tedious to walk to/from Glen Park or take the 67 to/from 24th St. For example, how about a petition on change.org?

      • Yeah, pretty much. I would *LOVE* a station at 30th st… but when the state can’t even afford to pay its teachers and other workers, I don’t hold out much hope for the infill station.

  2. Sure, but see http://www.noevalleyvoice.com/2002/May/bart.html

    “The planners also stressed that a new BART station in San Francisco was far from a reality. In fact, it will take more funding and strong advocacy on the part of local residents for BART to pursue the project beyond the study stage.”

    If we don’t raise our voices as a community how is the money going to get earmarked? There are presumably a few sources of funds. And this is just the kind of infrastructure project that would help the current downturn and yield longer-term economic benefits. If folks had pressured for the move back in 2002 we might already be using the station.

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