Alemany Flea Market Report: Early June 2011

Alemany Flea Market-June 2011

Alemany Flea Market-June 2011

Alemany Flea Market-June 2011

Alemany Flea Market-June 2011

I had a few minutes to spare on Sunday morning en route to taking Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter to a birthday party in Sunnyside, so we made a quick detour into the Alemany flea market to sample the selection.

Despite the threat of rain, it seemed as though the summer season is starting to kick in, as the supply of merchandise was decidedly more interesting than it has been in weeks past.

The goodies above caught my eye, but the Cub Reporter found herself smitten by an old 45 record.

Alemany Flea Market-June 2011

She’d just learned about “records” at preschool, she explained, and this one had a rainbow on the label, and what could possibly be finer? So for 50 cents, she got her very first 45. The A Side is “Him” by Rupert Holmes. Thank god we don’t own a record player.

I was quite taken by a GIANT aerial photograph of San Francisco International Airport taken in 1967 or 1968 the early 1960s. It was mounted on a heavy metal frame, and it was fascinating. (Cub Reporter shown for scale.)

Alemany Flea Market-June 2011

The detail was excellent! Check out the terminal complex, which did not yet include Terminal 3 (nor, of course, the International Terminal). SFO’s central parking garage hadn’t been built yet either. (Click here for a close-up enlargement.)

SFO Circa 1967The price was tempting — asking $100. But after some inner turmoil, I decided to pass, if only because the piece was so freaking BIG that I’m not sure where I could put it.

Instead, I settled for this circa 1976 Mighty Tonka dump truck. It was one of of the older, all-steel models, with only minor surface rust, and a prime candidate for resurrection as one of our Kustom Tonka hot rods. Plus, it was just $9. The Cub Reporter made me promise to share it. “Deal!” I told her.

Alemany Flea Market-June 2011

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One thought on “Alemany Flea Market Report: Early June 2011

  1. I remember this song on the radio, and absolutuely loved my Tonka just like that one. Just back from my Mom’s funeral in Detroit, spent a couple hours driving through the old neighborhood and reminiscing. Thank you for stirring up a couple more childhood memories.

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