Signs of Life Inside the Mysterious Melody Cafe on Mission

Reader Andrew regularly walks by the site of the former Coco Cafe, at the corner of Mission Street and Eugenia. He says that while there’s a new sign outside, progress inside seems to be veeeeery slllllooooowwww:

Can you do an investigation on Melody Cafe.. aka old Coco Cafe on Mission? Have you noticed that Melody Cafe has been under construction for almost a year? I am beginning to suspect that maybe they are developing a subterranean Mega cafe network.

Luckily I do work. But occasionally I am in the ‘hood during the afternoon and never see anyone there. No one on weekends. But it is slowly creeping towards completion… of some sort.

Another observation… who ever is working on it likes coffee and Coke. There is always a cup or bottle on the counter.

His girlfriend, Reader Colette, sent along our photo, along with a first-hand sighting of humanoid creatures inside:

I was very surprised to see the lights on, and two people inside working. They had their backs turned and were discussing something very seriously. I did not want to interrupt, and so have missed a golden opportunity to solve the mystery right then and there! But perhaps other blog followers will be able to shed some light on this mysterious cafe.

Anyone have any insight on what’s in store for the Melody Cafe? This is a job for the BIA!

PHOTO: Reader Colette

7 thoughts on “Signs of Life Inside the Mysterious Melody Cafe on Mission

  1. Maybe they’re taking so long because they’re trying to figure out what they really want to do with that space. Cafe? I walked by there several weeks ago and I swear it said Melody Lounge.

    In other news, there’s a 7-11 in the works across the street (at the gas station).

  2. I also walked by when work was being done inside, a month or two ago. The owner told me it would have Lebanese-inspired dishes.

  3. I saw people inside the Palace Steak House this week, any news?
    Paper went up on the windows a few weeks ago.

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  5. Walked by yesterday (July 4th) and there’s a big “open” sign. It was late, so there were no guests, but there were workers behind the counter doing something. I looked cute, a counter that looked like you order there, and many little tables in the front by the window as well as in a back area.

  6. I had a late lunch there today (July 5th). They have a simple short menu, breakfast and lunch for now. Though I arrived after 2 pm, they said they’d do breakfast items if I wanted them. But instead I had a Lebanese lunch combo plate which was tasty, and the price seemed OK. At least four, maybe five men were working there, and I was the only guest, ha ha – still, they seemed overwhelmed by things such as me ordering an iced tea. The waiter who was the owner/manager apologized that they were not very organized yet and just open for about 36 hours, but I am confident they’ll figure it out.

  7. I past by and theres a post of help wanted sign.I figure if I will apply for job but it was closed.Theres a phone number that you can call and apply.I called and leave a message.that person did not returned my call.

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