New Street Art Outside Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack

Street Art by Haculla

Street Art by Haculla

Street Art by Haculla
There’s some new street art to ponder while you wait for your pasta at Emmy’s Sapghetti Shack, across from the Taoist Safeway.

We’re told that both pieces are by l’artiste qui s’appelle Haculla, and both were commissioned by Emmy herself.

If there’d been one of those dorky Facebook thumbs-up “Like” buttons on the side of the building, I definitely would have pressed it.

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8 thoughts on “New Street Art Outside Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack

  1. sweet. does anyone have a review of the new bar, apparently called “El Amigos”? I haven’t been in yet but here’s my friend’s take on it: “It’s cool!” and “Tequila!”

  2. El Amigos is a solid stop. It’ll be better once the paint smell airs out, though. They have a pretty good Paloma cocktail, which would be even better if they put thin-sliced fresh jalapeno on top (which I’ve mentioned the three times we’ve been in– I think they see me coming now.)

    Also, I think the old owners left behind some of their CDs. It’s kind of incongruous when you are in there having a new-school cocktail and they are blasting the same music that was coming out of the place when it was a beer, hard liquor and pool dive.

  3. Alas, this new artwork has already been completely vandalized and defaced. Sad.

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