A Hollywood Moment at Avedano’s

old neon
Roll cameras! Lights! Quiet on the set! Aaaaaannnd ACTION!

Reader Otto of the Bernalwood Intelligence Agency wrote in to report that a fancy-schmancy camera crew was filming on location at the fancy-schmancy Avedano’s butcher shop last night:

I just walked by Avedano’s Meats, 235 Cortland, and there is a film crew there, right now, well 5:40pm or so. Sign outside says “you agree to be filmed…” for The Cooking Channel/Lion Television. There is a rental RV parked out front with production people lounging around. The nice lady at the corner shop next door says it is a London-based cooking show, they are filming all over town, they were filming in Chinatown earlier today, and they’ve been at Avedano’s for a while. That’s all I know – pretty exciting stuff, eh?

Yes! But then again, perhaps we should be used to this sort of thing by now, with so many food celebrities setting up shop our neighborhood, eh?

PHOTO: Gail Williams

3 thoughts on “A Hollywood Moment at Avedano’s

  1. A source inside Avedano’s (Paley) says it’s an UK show with a well known Asian female chef – but the source couldn’t remember her name.

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