Cheerful Bernalwood Bobos Fear Exile to Sunset District

Hey brother, do you happen to have an affordable 1 BR apartment for a cosmopolitan couple in need of a glamorous address? Homemade signs posted to Bernal Heights utility poles are practically a form of local folk art, and Going West spotted this gem:

Bernal Heights is where everyone wants to be. Saw this sign posted on a pole on Cortland and in some other places around. You’d think it was impossible to find a place to live here.

Here is a contrast-enhanced detail for the small print-challenged. Also, new Bernalwood slogan: “SAVE US FROM THE SUNSET!!!”

PHOTO: Going West

11 thoughts on “Cheerful Bernalwood Bobos Fear Exile to Sunset District

  1. Have to wonder if their problem is price. We loved Bernal too, and there wasn’t a lack of rental properties, but the rent, holy cats, it just keeps getting more and more insane. Had to say bye-bye to Bernal because of this…

  2. I agree with Eclipse. The price of any place in SF is just too much. We had to leave our beloved studio on the Embarcadero when the rent went to $2442. We had to return to our house in Fresno! However, it’s paid for, so the rent is really cheap! Wishing them well as they continue to seek refuge. I don’t know how anyone lives in SF unless they are a millionaire.

  3. $2400 + for a STUDIO?

    It must have come with a maid…right?!

    Lovin’ the Haight right now…and my not-that-crudely-priced digs…

  4. Love it! I do wonder what neighborhood houses the most San Francisco natives? I know there are still quite a few of us out here in the horrid Sunset (and Parkside).

  5. Impossible to find a place here? No. If you can pay rent equivalent to Pacific Heights (and most likely get less for it). Evidently the price of living in a charming, progressive, once-but-no-longer diverse part of SF means paying a rather exclusive ticket price. I wish the apartment searchers good luck.

  6. Quel surprise! Euro-bunk that prefers generic transient hipster ghetto to a real neighborhood where the same people have lived for generations. Let me guess, you and your imaginary dog are going to Burning Man. Wow! Live the dream, Europeen.

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