Nomenclature Update: Introducing “The Spaghetti Bowl”


The Meeting of 2 Freeways

The East Bay has The MacArthur Maze, and North Bernal has The Hairball. Now reader Vizetelly has put forth a proposal for the 101/280/Alemany junction in South Bernal:

I nominate the name “Spaghetti Bowl” for the Alemany-101 interchange.

The Bernalwood Nomencature Committee reviewed this proposal, and it was heartily endorsed. Let it be The Spaghetti Bowl from this day onward.

Oh, and if you happened to get stuck in that particularly nasty traffic this morning — caused by a horrible accident on southbound 101 near Candlestick, and photographed below by chuck b — you had some time to get to know The Spaghetti Bowl all too well:


PHOTOS: Top, chuck b, Agus Sutano, Troy Holden, Below, chuck b

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