A Burning Ear Listens to Jhameel’s “Bernal Heights”

You read about it here first, but now others are talking about “Bernal Heights,” a way-new tune by Jhameel that’s named after our favorite neighborhood.

The Burning Ear, a music blog, had this to say about it:

Hopefully you all remember Jhameel from his solid debut I covered last year. An intriguing character with some unique musical stylings, he’s dropped another free album, The Human Condition, on us and I’m quite pleasantly impressed. His musicianship is tighter, his hooks catchier, and lyrics even sharper. “Bernal Heights” is an instant ear turner, with that swinging rhythm weaving between the creeping, stomping beat, while Jhameel’s perfectly punctuated vocals ground it all. Even though the song has an ominous vibe I still get the sense that Jhameel is having a lot a fun with his music.

In case you missed it last time, give “Bernal Heights” a listen right here:

The key lyrics for locals:

The night is everything and nothing in the city of fog
I feel the cool of the breeze I feel the coming of dawn
But there is comfort in the silence of the Heights of Bernal
It isn’t ever enough to cure the loneliest hearts

Or download all of Jhameel’s “Human Condition.”

4 thoughts on “A Burning Ear Listens to Jhameel’s “Bernal Heights”

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  2. Fellow Bernal denizens:

    Thought you might be interested in an opportunity to hear Jhameel perform this beautiful song at one of our favorite local dives.

    Jhameel will be headlining at the HeART to HELP JAPAN Benefit – April 8th at El Rio!

    The evening features special musical guest Jhameel plus live performances by Ishtar Monique, Kazumi Kusano, Aimee Suzara, Jay Trainer Band and hosts Kelly Anneken and Kristee Ono. All proceeds from tickets sales and silent art auction will be donated to the JCCCNC’s Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.

    For more info about the event and featured artists, visit: Artfulchange.org Hope to see ya there!

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