DPW Installs New Dirt Fountain on Bocana

While rebuilding the new sewer line on Bocana today, our friends at the City Department of Public Works unleashed a spurting dirt-fountain on the neighborhood. At least, we sure hope it’s dirt…

Even better, the effluent from said dirt-fountain flowed down to Eugenia and Cortland, creating pools of muddy water that made Bernalwood look like a bayou. Good times!
Thanks to Arno for the photos and the tip!

13 thoughts on “DPW Installs New Dirt Fountain on Bocana

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  2. Um, if they broke a sewer line–which is sure as, uh, “spit” what it sounds like–then that is definitely not dirt.

    Not a whole lot of reasons why there’d be a high-pressure line in the ground full of muddy water, actually.

  3. So I guess this is why there was a lot of gunk in the water at my house at the other end of Bocana when I got home yesterday ? ick.

  4. Here’s how you get a mud geyser:

    Start with a regular CLEAN water pipe burst. wait for the clean water to fill the trench. It will mix with the dirt. As the leaky pipe is quickly and fully covered in water, this creates a big maelstrom in the trench, increasing the addition of loose solids in the runoff water. The high pressure burst becomes a mix of clean water (the source) and dirty water (from the trench).

    Et voila. Sprinkle with pine nuts and serve lukewarm.

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