History Geeks Create Retro-Hip San Francisco Skateboard Deck

This is what happens when San Francisco history geekdom is harnessed in the service of urban accessorizing. Put another way, it marks the spot where steampunk meets street punk. And the results look pretty awesome.

Jon Voss of the geeky-fab Lookback Maps time-machine has created a mass-kustomized skateboard deck adorned with vintage typography and graphics from an 1899 Sanborn Map of San Francisco:

History buffs will recognize the famous maker of fire insurance maps that give us some of our best information about what our city streets looked like 100 years ago. Skaters will look great shredding those same streets in the present.

So true. Has ever there been a design objet so historically accurate, so dope, and so fly — all at the same time? The question practically answers itself.

Check it. Ride it. Live it.

Want more geekage on the fantastic typography of Sanborn Maps? Burrito Justice is all over that.

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