49ers Win Triggers Rare “Ocean Sunset” Visible from Bernal Hill

Mike McCabe sent us this amazing photo of Saturday’s sunset:

On Saturday night, I saw the sun set just inside the tiny segment of ocean visible from Bernal Summit – a sight only visible for a few weeks each year. As the days get longer, it’ll set farther and farther north – hidden behind Twin Peaks.

After the sun went down, the city erupted in cheering and honking horns. San Franciscans love a good sunset!

Well, sort of. I happen to know that at right about the same time, the San Francisco 49ers were defeating the New Orleans Saints at Candlestick Park, in one of the craziest game-ending clinchers I’ve ever seen. And I know this because I was watching the end of the game (and the sunset) from my back yard — precisely because I love hearing the neighborhood erupt whenever these sorts of media-driven events happen. Indeed, while Mike was up on the hill savoring the sunset, here’s what the neighbors were seeing:

So while the sunset was great, it probably doesn’t quite explain all the hoopla.¬†But a stunning ocean sunset… AND a 49ers victory? At the exact same time?¬†Coincidence??? I think not.

PHOTO: Mike McCabe