Let Us Calmly Now Celebrate This Amazing Place


You know what we need right now? We need a little palate-cleanser. A tribute to that which is good and right, right here, right now. A stone-cold sexy celebration of Bernal, creative Bernalese, and our many local blessings.

Let’s look at some recent photos from the Bernalwood Flickr Group!

Suegol Malek took the photo up above just a few days ago, on January 25. Please note that (Sunset + Sporty Human + Dog + Bernal Hill + Sutrito Tower) = Formula for Perfection.

Bernal neighbor and watercolor ninja Laurie Wigham painted this terrific image of Los Compas performing at the Bernal Library fifth anniversary celebration last weekend:


Ed Brownson snapped this cloudwatcher on the hill, in a moment that perfectly captures the colors and moods of the winter season:


Lookng west from Bernal Hill, Charlie Hunter shot a gorgeous sunset that’s so warm and golden that it makes you want to bathe in it:


Remember: Sexiness happens all the time in Bernal Heights, all around us. All you have to do is push the shutter button on your camera or smartphone. Then, share the picture with us in the Bernalwood Flickr Group.

View from Bernal Window Picked for Andrew Sullivan’s “View From Your Window”


Famous ur-blogger Andrew Sullivan has a recurring feature on his famous blog, which he calls “The View From Your Window.”  That’s where readers of the blog share beautiful pictures taken from windows all over the world.

Yesterday, Neighbor Dan’s gorgeous view from Bernal Heights made the cut:


Neighbor Dan says:

A pic that I took out the window of my Montezuma Street living room, over morning coffee, made it to Andrew Sullivan’s View From Your Window this afternoon. It was one of those unusual winter mornings in which fog was blowing into the Mission from the east, rather than the usual fog from the west that comes in in the evening. The fog burned off by 8 am, so this was an ephemeral sight.

The window that pic was taken from is visible on the Bernalwood blog cover pic– it’s the brown rectangle down and to the left of the B in Bernalwood.

Nifty! Here’s the View of the Window Where Neighbor Dan Shared the View From His Window:


Bernal Houses and Matching Cars: A Color-Coordinated Photography Collection


For reasons that remain entirely mysterious and unknown, several photographers have submitted photos to the Bernalwood group on Flickr that show Bernal Heights cars parked in front of color-coordinated Bernal Heights homes. It’s an ad-hoc photo show! Veerrrrry innnnnteresting.

The photo of the low-rider Chevrolet and matching house you see up above was captured by Chris Martin.

Neighbor Markus Spiering captured this All-Amercian collection of a faded old Ranchero, a white picket fence, and a trio of muted Bernal houses:


Neighbor Jane Underwood found a red door in Bernal Heights that came with a matching Miata:


And finally, Neighbor Ben Rosengart shot this faded Jaguar with a tan roof that blends smoothly with the house behind it:


Want to help create more ad-hoc photo patterns? Share your sexxxy Bernal photos in the Bernalwood photo group. Please!

UPDATE: Here’s a minty-fresh midcentury pairing on Montcalm, shared via the comments:

Spotted on a dog walk: Double mint. #onlyinsf #dscolor #wheelsandwalls

A photo posted by Kelly Lack (@kellyalack) on

Also, Jason Lashinsky emailed us this greyscale house-scooter pairing:


Storm Clouds Animate Fiery Sunset on Bernal Hill


Storm clouds and a setting sun often make for a stylish pairing, and yesterday’s weather did not disappoint.  Neighbor Charlie shared the photo above, taken on Bernal Hill yesterday as the sky lit up in an intense swirl of orange and black.

Not far away, Jenna Bilotta snapped this handsome profile of Bernal Hill.  Don’t you love how the orange sky accentuates our dashingly handsome profile?


PHOTOS: Top, Neighbor Charlie. Below, Jenna Bilotta

Recent Sunsets Provide Special Treats for Fans of Purple and Orange


There have been some rather spectacular sunsets on Bernal Hill of late.

And we are fortunate to have some rather spectacular photographers in our ranks to capture these sunsets for us all to enjoy. The shots you see here were all taken by Scott Morin on November 9, 2014, and shared with us via the always stylish Bernalwood Flickr Group. Thanks Scott!

Check out more of his awesomeness:



PHOTOS: Scott Morin

Behold, an Elegant New Photo of the Mysterious Tree-Shrub Thing on Bernal Hill


Over on the Twitter, Neighbor Tim shared this super snap of the spooky tree-shrub thing on the eastern slope of Bernal Hill summit.

It’s long been known that Bernal’s tree-shrub thing has supernatural powers and functions as a gateway to the afterlife.

Some say it’s a California Buckeye, but no one seems to know exactly definitely for sure.

What we can say for sure is that Neighbor Tim has captured the beauty of the mysterious tree-shrub thing, in a very elemental way. Lovely!

PHOTO: Neighbor Tim