Potrero Photographer Captures Spooky Bernal Hill Moonrise


Bernalwood loves the work of photographer Daniel Leu, because he doesn’t live in Bernal.

What we mean is… it would be great if he did live in Bernal. But he doesn’t. Instead, Daniel hails from Potrero, so instead of taking amazing photos from Bernal Heights, Daniel instead takes amazing photos of Bernal Heights. Which actually works out rather well for us.

For example, last night, Daniel set out to take a photo of the moon rising behind Bernal Hill:

A low layer of clouds blocked the moonrise a bit, but eventually the moon showed up. The bottom part of the moon is still hidden by some clouds. But this makes it a bit more interesting as well than just having the plain moon.

Boom!  Right? It’s all about the perspective.

Check out his blog post; Daniel also took a dusk photo of Bernal Hill that’s so beautiful it will make you crave a chilled glass of fine white wine.

Meanwhile, we would like to nominate photographer Daniel Leu to become an Honorary Citizen of Bernalwood. Is there a second?

PHOTO: Daniel Leu

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  1. Indeed lovely, and Welcome, Daniel. (Although Daniel may be a resident of Potrero, a moonrise photo with Bernal in the foreground could not have been taken from Potrero.)

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