Let’s Enjoy Some Recent Bernal Heights Photography, Because We Look Totally Fabulous


It’s been a while since we last did a roundup of Bernal Heights images submitted to the Bernalwood photo group on Flickr, so let’s remedy that.

Per usual, our local shutterbugs have been capturing some amazing scenes from around the ‘Wood, and as you know, we just keep getting sexier and sexier.

For example, Neighbor Markus took the gorgeous photo you see above. He also captured a shot of one of my favorite cars in all of Bernal Heights — that amazing old Pinto that lives on the east slope. Notice the awesome Keep Bernal Clean license plate frame? Love it:


Ed Brownson’s Flickr account is full of beautiful images, and this snap of a little ad hoc yoga session on Bernal Hill is wonderful:


Here’s another one from Ed, with a raven on Bernal Hill:


Neighbor Jane Underwood took this wonderfully Hopper-esque photo of the Moonlight Cafe on Cortland:

Moonlight Cafe

Here’s a rainbow view as seen from Jane’s window:

Rainbow Out My Window

Daniele Mils took this timeless shot of some Bernal back yards:

Backyard light

I also love Daniele’s shot of a Bernal neighbor experimenting with new colors:

Color Bernal

Sean Timberlake took this stunner of a moonrise behind Bernal Hill:


GPS photographed this classic Bernal scene:


Suegol Malek shared this one of a perfect sunset moment from Bernal Hill:


There’s lots more where all this came from, so please do spend some time browsing the Bernalwood Flickr group. Also, if you’ve got any photos of your own… please share them with us!

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