“Six Feet of Separation” Is the New Newspaper by Bernal Heights Kids


Bernalwood blog… ACTIVATE!

We interrupt this pandemic to bring you an essential update from Bernal Heights, where celebrity author and youth wrangler Chris Colin shares this update about “Six Feet of Separation,” the newest newspaper in our neighborhood:

Did you feel that? That was the media landscape shifting!

I’m pleased to announce the publication of the first-ever Bernal Heights young people’s free pandemic newspaper, Six Feet of Separation! Unless there were others I don’t know about!

After a nailbiter of a vote on what to call this thing, “Six Feet of Separation” prevailed as the most popular title, and so it shall be. (RIP “Bernal Butts.”)

Please read Six Feet of Separation and share widely. Any design/layout blunders are the fault of the publisher, all excellence is the fault of the amazing contributors, ages 2-17 (with one 19-year-old thrown in for good luck). Here’s a tasty sample:

Thanks to everyone who wrote, drew, dictated and otherwise submitted something to this first issue of Six Feet of Separation. We are now accepting submissions for issue #2. Editorial policy is: Yes.

By the kids, for the kids. Check out Issue 1 of  Six Feet of Separation!


19 thoughts on ““Six Feet of Separation” Is the New Newspaper by Bernal Heights Kids

  1. Yay!!

    My austin friends and their neighbors are setting up bears in windows. Does bear hunting appeal to Californians? I like this


  2. Oh happy days! I have missed Bernalwood. Todd, I hope you’re doing well, and I hope to hear much much more from Bernalwood. It’s such a gem and an asset for the Bernal community.

  3. HI there, This is amazing! I absolutely love it! Is it possible to send it to me in a different format? Maybe PDF? My 7 year old would like me to print it out so that he can really read and savor it like a real newspaper (he’s also not so great navigating a computer to zoom in and flip the pages, etc) I am hoping he’ll get inspired to contribute! Thanks again and hope you are staying safe! Natanya

  4. What a WONDERFUL, inventive and creative first issue. I have shared it on and cannot wait for issue #2. Go young writers of Bernal!!!!

  5. What a lovely surprise to be skimming through the NYTimes headlines and see this publication featured! Hello to all my old library friends! I miss y’all <3. Tremendous work here. I look forward to Issue 2!

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