BagelMacher Pops Up on Mission, Making Sundays Bagelicious

Sunday mornings mean fresh, house-made bagels from PizzaHacker founder Jeff Krupman. Photo courtesy of BagelMacher.

It’s been a few weeks since BagelMacher began serving fresh-made bagels on Sunday mornings on Bernal’s stretch of MIssion Street, but already the pop-up brunch spot has generated a lot of love in the neighborhood.

A project of Jeff Krupman, the mad genius who founded Pizza Hacker at 3299 Mission (at 29th), Bagel Macher transforms the PizzaHacker space into a bagel bakery on Sunday mornings from 10:30 am – 1 pm. The menu is simple — a limited supply of house-made bagels, a few toppings, a few special bagel sandwich options, coffee, and mimosas.

Neighbor Jasmine visited Bagel Macher last weekend, and she liked it so much she wrote to Bernalwood to share the love:

I’m kinda nervous to share this for fear of my family’s new secret bagel obsession going big enough to attract long lines on a lazy Sunday morning. But during a casual scouting mission this past Sunday, founder Jeff Krupman charmed me into visiting Bagel Macher.

I’m glad he did, because his Raisin Ras el Hanout bagel is too special not to cheer for. It’s a raisin bagel with a North African dusted spice mixture and sesame seeds that turned my raisin-avoidant husband, into an instant convert. Our baby loved it too!

BagelMacher is a concept to make use of the ovens at PizzaHacker. For now, the popup is open Sundays, with limited quantities of everything. (Good to get there on the early side, because things do sell out).  Bagels are available in sesame, poppy (the most poppies I’ve ever seen on a bagel¬—they were black!), smoked salt, sesame zataar and that unusual and inspired raisin variety. Expect most of the usual toppings, plus coffee from The Coffee Shop down the street, and juice and mimosas.

We used to live in New York city, so we’re on a constant hunt for really good bagels out here on the West Coast. The ones from BagelMacher are boiled in lye water and naturally leavened, creating a super crunch leading to an ultra-chewy inside. Our small family made our way through four in a day. So good.

Here’s the menu:

32 thoughts on “BagelMacher Pops Up on Mission, Making Sundays Bagelicious

  1. Coffee Shop has their bagels too. I can vouch for their worth as a New Jersey transplant.

  2. Bet they’re delicious, as is their pizza, but I just can’t get myself to go to a place called Pizza Hacker. It’s just so… tech conference.

    He should just call it’s Jeff’s. I’d be happy to bring friends to a Jeff’s Pizza.

    • My understanding is that the name is related to the more general definition of hack meaning “to cope or manage,” with a hacker being someone who finds ways to make things work. (You know, like when you say someone “couldn’t hack it” at a certain job.) I believe the name came from when they were operating as a mobile pizza purveyor and managing to make great pizza with a portable set up. But that being said, I’ve never been to a tech conference, so maybe I’m less sensitive to use of the word “hacker” in a different context. We’ve all got those things that make us cringe.

  3. @Coleridger What’s the saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” If you don’t go there because of the name that’s pretty closed minded and you are missing out. Personally, I think PizzaHacker is a great name especially with Jeff’s story.

    • Actually been a few times, great place, great pizza. Like Rebeccas said we all got stuff that gets under our skin. Didn’t say it made sense, just needlessly sharing. Anyone remember the Burrito 2.0? (late 90s) Still cringing a little over that one.

  4. Holy moly! You had me at the Raisin Ras el Hanout bagel. 😋 I thought I was the only person to sprinkle Ras El Hanout on my bagel w cream cheese. And now it’s a real thing. I feel like the unsung hero who first dipped her chocolate bar into the peanut butter. Well, clearly it’s just meant to be. Two great tastes that taste great together. 🤣

  5. Does anyone know why the line takes so long for this? I got there at 10:20 and by 10:50 the line had barely moved and only a few people had made their purchase. Whats so hard about taking $2 and giving someone a bagel? We left in frustration.

    • I’ve been wondering too! I keep wanting to check in with you, Todd, but haven’t wanted to appear pushy or cranky. I hope all’s well with you, and my fingers are still crossed that this brilliant site has just been on a long break. I miss all the breaking news, useful information, your tremendous wit and talent, and most of all the enhanced and joyful feeling of community this blog creates (despite some rough-ups in the comments section). I feel like one of my favorite neighbors has moved away! I get that this site is a huge labor of love, and it can’t be easy to keep it up. That said, you are appreciated and missed.

  6. RIP Bernalwood. I was hoping some centrist election endorsements would raise him, but alas 😦

  7. I emailed and was told that they are just resting…well deserved, IMHO.
    looking forward to new news in the future.

    • So happy to hear this! I’m very relieved that we won’t have to permanently practice “mono no aware” re. the absence of Bernalwood in our lives. Todd, thank you for all the work, time, and talent you’ve put into this resource over the years.

  8. Missing this so much! Particularly in this time when all else is so dysfunctional and dividing. I definitely appreciate these connecting forces. And fully understand that one person cannot shoulder that burden alone. Will do whatever I can to support this and other hoody things in the future. Hope you’re well, Todd!

  9. I’ve been checking periodically, waiting anxiously for bernalwood to revive! I’ve been living abroad and bernalwood is my best connection to what’s happening in the neighborhood which I still call home. Please please come back!

  10. If you google “abandoned websites” you’ll find out it’s quite a thing. There are all kinds of standing but moribund websites – some of them quite comical by now – around the net. Looks like one of the oldest is 36 years old.
    So this one has a long way to go before anything about it is remarkable.
    It’d be much better to have a live Bernal homesite, for sure.

  11. I suggest that we (used to be) regular Bernalwood readers start posting our own (short) articles or stories or suggestions about Bernal right here in this comments section. Bernalbranch.
    Maybe instead of waiting for the faceless web patriarchy (which is capricious and self-serving, like all forms of patriarchy) to provide content, we would do better to come up with our own. Starting right here in our hood, we could take back the internet (while somebody else foots the rent bill…. : ) instead of succumbing to a stream of numbing, AI-generated drivel (it’s oozing on countless other sites, at least; this one was never that way).
    I’d start the ball rolling right now, but for the life of me I can’t think of anything right this minute.
    I take that back. Here in St. Mary’s Park we’ve been repeatedly beseeching the city traffic calming people to do something about the increasing deluge of traffic (which is being directed through here by navigation apps). A flood of cars and near-apocalyptic-sized trucks are coming off 280, but still driving with freeway urgency and tunnel vision, and stampeding through our narrow residential streets. Even pedestrian injuries and near death haven’t persuaded the bureaucracy that something has to be done.
    Tag….you’re it.

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