TONIGHT: Come to the Bernal Library’s Holiday Celebration

Tonight, Wednesday Dec. 13 starting at 6 pm, the fabulous Bernal Heights Library at 500 Cortland will host its seasonally festive Holiday Winter Celebration… and Bernalese of all ages are invited to attend.

Bernal branch library manager Valerie Reichert tells Bernalwood:

It’s that time again! Please join us for our annual Winter Holiday Celebration, Wednesday, December 13, 6-9pm.

The Bernal Jazz Quintet will put us in the mood with a seasonal selection. There will be crafts for all ages, a family movie and refreshments.

One thought on “TONIGHT: Come to the Bernal Library’s Holiday Celebration

  1. Thank you for your support, our fabulous Bernalwood! You are definitely a neighborhood treasure! — Valerie (Bernal Branch Mgr)

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