XXL Supermoon Looked Supercool From Bernal Heights

Did you notice the moon last night? It looked rather XXL in last night’s clear skies — so much so that you might have been tempted to say, “That’s no moon… it’s a space station!” But no, it was really just the moon,  at the apogee of its orbit around the Earth, creating a visual effect known as a supermoon.

The XXL effect was still in place as the sun rose this morning, when Neighbor Steve snapped this wonderful photo of the moon alongside Sutro Tower. Lovely!

2 thoughts on “XXL Supermoon Looked Supercool From Bernal Heights

  1. Thanks for that. I was on 280 north, near Ocean Ave exit, rounding a curve, when this GIANT cheddar cheese Moon was just low in sky, just above the skyline. Took my breath away! An incredible photo op, and so I just captured it n my mind’s eye. Still awe struck.

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