Seasonal Transition Alert! Bernal Hill Engreening Now In Progress

After all the rain during the last week, Bernal Hill has started its annual transition from Brown Mode to Green Mode.

Early this morning, Neighbor Sarah shared this glorious photo taken from the top of Bernal Hill.  Astute observers will note the presence of a verdant peachfuzz lining the surface of the hill.

All Bernalese are advised to expect continued engreening in the weeks and months ahead, as the grasses grow taller and Bernal Hill takes on a more lush and full-bodied demeanor.

Hail the rains! Hail the green!

5 thoughts on “Seasonal Transition Alert! Bernal Hill Engreening Now In Progress

    • She is still there, saw her about a month ago at sunrise on Bernal Height Blvd, just walking thru her hood.

  1. I saw the coyote yesterday at 6:30 AM on Bernal Heights Blvd on my way to work.
    I love the from “Brown Mode to Greed Mode” sneaky political commentary. Oh, Bernalwood, raising hell as always. . . .

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