Painted Rock on Bernal Hill Joins the Resistance


The clever elves who decorate the iconic and always-topical painted rock overlooking San Francisco from the north side of Bernal Hill are at it again, as the rock has now  been transformed into a pillar of political resistance.

Neighbor Annie Sprinkle shared this photo of the painted rock over the weekend, capturing the glorious moment as a member of the Bernal Heights Canine Cadre stood guard to defend the painted rock against hooligans, reactionaries, subversives, xenophobes, and Milo Yiannopoulos.

PHOTO: Courtesy of @AnnieSprinkle

9 thoughts on “Painted Rock on Bernal Hill Joins the Resistance

  1. My favourite makeover so far, although imo the colour of the Resistance should be blue, since it is the opposite of orange on the colour wheel……

  2. the word ‘resist’ has been painted over in black. I suppose someone is resisting the resistance?

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