Bernal Rock Transformed Into Beloved Poop Emoji


Just in time for this pre-election political season, those clever, creative elves who periodically decorate the big rock on the north side of Bernal Hill have tapped straight into the contemporary zeitgeist by transforming our famous rock into the internationally famous “poop emoji.”


The poop emoji, which was created in Japan before it was, er, warmly embraced in this country, occupies an essential place in modern digital communications. Having already migrated to t-shirts, sophisticated workwear, and plush pillows, on Bernal Hill the poop emoji now takes geological form, as the shape of our rock turns out to be a perfect fit for the beloved icon. Genius!

And now that you’ve seen it, you will never be able to unsee it.

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

13 thoughts on “Bernal Rock Transformed Into Beloved Poop Emoji

  1. yes, the poop emoji is now available on t-shirts! just click that redbubble link and you will find:

    a) the women’s t-shirt is more expensive than a typical men’s t-shirt;
    b) is probably, as reported by the WP, made poorly (link below); and
    c) costs $29.50 – almost $12 more than i paid for a men’s t-shirt on Amazon (men’s b/c i’m tall).

    i like the rock, but redbubble can keep the shirts…

    WP reports women’s clothes made poorly (like we didn’t know this!):

  2. Some locals will keep complaining, no doubt, but I’ve come to enjoy the many faces of the North Bernal Rock. Props to you, anonymous vandals.

  3. Funny how this blog didn’t cover the rock when it lasted for weeks with ‘Black Lives Matter’ on it. But poop, sure. Let’s ooh and ahh over poop. Or maybe the rock is a comment on all the feces in the neighborhood and park? (I notice it when I walk my own dog, lest someone insinuate that I hate dogs.)

    • You CANNOT be serious … plenty of us support Black Lives Matter but I suppose activism to some looks a little different than posting a picture of a rock in a park. Lighten up – this is FUNNY.

  4. I appreciated the rock when it was painted with Black Lives Matter, and I am also charmed by the Poop Emoji variation. I think it says something great about our community that one rock can be the vehicle for such a variety of creative expression, whether it be serious or wry, lovely or strange.

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