Foes and Friends of Planned Parenthood Face-Off During Weekend Demonstrations

In case you missed it — or didn’t hear it — there was a big anti-abortion protest in La Lengua last Saturday at the Planned Parenthood on Valencia.

The protest inspired an even larger counter-demonstration on the part of pro-choice advocates, who rallied to show support for Planned Parenthood’s services. Things got tense, but remained peaceful, as MissionLocal describes:

San Francisco Police Lieutenant Eric Washington said that some 12 officers oversaw the protest to facilitate both sides’ “first amendment rights” and to ensure that there is “no violence on either side.” By 2:45 p.m., the vocal crowds disbanded, and only a handful of protesters remained.

Gilda Hernandez, interim CEO of Planned Parenthood, said that the organization had originally encouraged protesters standing on both sides of the issue to express themselves “far away from our health center.”

“This is quite intimidating for people who are just seeking healthcare,” said Hernandez said about the clinic’s clients, adding that she was nonetheless appreciative of the strong show of support.

Read the full report, with more video, at MissionLocal.

VIDEO: via MissionLocal

One thought on “Foes and Friends of Planned Parenthood Face-Off During Weekend Demonstrations

  1. this stretch of Valencia is frequently on my walk…and i’ve seen dozens of single (and usually silent) anti-abortion protestors over my 7 years in the neighborhood, so when I heard the racket and then saw the crowd i initially thought they’d bussed in a crowd from the central valley like for the annual protest parade.
    as i got closer it was clearly 10:1 (if not more) counter protesters who were able to drown out a megaphone and enjoyed their equal right to free speak in the sun. i’ve never seen a prochoice rally there before and it was the largest crowd i’ve seen on Valencia making a political statement.
    hope everyone is getting their signs ready for the “spirit of america” rallies 02/24 and 03/04!

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