Supervisors Approve Alex Nieto Memorial on Bernal Hill


Yesterday, the Board of Supervisors approved a plan to establish a permanent memorial for Alex Nieto, the Bernal neighbor who was killed in a controversial confrontation with the San Francisco police in March 2014.

The San Francisco Examiner reports:

The Board of Supervisors voted 9-1 on Tuesday to adopt legislation directing the Recreation and Park Department to install a memorial for Alex Nieto, who was shot and killed by San Francisco police in Bernal Heights Park on March 21, 2014.

A civil federal grand jury exonerated the four officers who shot Nieto after police said he pointed a Taser at them when responding to a call about a man with a gun.

The memorial, which would be designed through community input, would require approval by the Arts Commission.

Supervisor John Avalos, who introduced the legislation, said, “If we acknowledge these incidents have happened, it brings us closer.”

Avalos said the memorial is also about a “sense of healing.” At the site of Nieto’s killing, there is currently an altar that is often visited by Nieto’s parents, who attended Tuesday’s meeting.

4 thoughts on “Supervisors Approve Alex Nieto Memorial on Bernal Hill

  1. Yeah, I have to say the improvised memorial is probably more touching and meaningful. But I guess it’s the thought that counts. They should involve the parents and friends in the design.

  2. This is great news. I’m sure the memorial will be totally beautiful to behold, just like the one that is there is already. And open hearts. And more. I’m happy for Alex’s friends and family that fought hard for this. Bravo.

  3. The police were exonerated on charges. Alex Nieto was not a person of note, such as a Mother Teresa or a Robin Williams. So, the logic escapes me as to why people and the BoS are so gung ho on putting up a memorial. Will there be any memorial to cops slain in the line of duty?

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