Saturday: Here Is Your Official 2016 Hillwide Garage Sale Treasure Map


This is your moment, Bernal Heights craphounds treasure-hunters!

That magical time of year is here. On Saturday, August 13, you should stuff your pockets with wads of petty cash and load that bootlegged copy of Amazon Prime’s route-optimization software onto your smartphone. The 2016 Bernal Hillwide Garage Sale starts at 9 am on Saturday , so it’s time to map out your plan of attack!

Here’s the latest update from the magical elves in the Hillwide Garage Sale Command Center:

Total Garages Registered = 122
Total Funds Raised = $2790

Thanks to everyone for rallying to the cause, we’ve raised almost $1000 in additional donations for BHNC in the last 5 days. That is something to be proud of 🙂

It’s definitely not too late to join the party that will descend on the [Saturday] tomorrow morning at 9am.

CLICK HERE to register for the Hillwide and The Elves will be working their magic to get you on The Map in plenty of time.

You can register as late as midnight tonight (Friday August 12th).

AND, if we can raise just $275 more we will break our record-breaking-year from last year. Just by a few dollars, but it would feel SO good!