Work by Bernal Artist Jon Vohr On Display at Little Bee Bakery


Neighbor Jon Vohr is an artist on Andover Street. He tells Bernalwood that his work is on display this month inside the wornderful Little Bee Bakery at 521 Cortland:

I’m a long time Bernal resident, and I am excited to be showing some paintings at Little Bee for the month of August!

My art is a continuous exploration of different mediums and a reflection of living in the Bay Area.

Using hand crafted convex panels, my art explores the various aspects of stability or the lack there of, in the realms of the physical, mental and spiritual plane, as well as all transformational experiences that come with life.

The convex panel and distortion of them play with the idea of our multi-dimensional experience here on earth and invite the viewer to get close, explore and question their beliefs and attitudes towards life and art.


ARTWORK: by Neighbor Jon Vohr

One thought on “Work by Bernal Artist Jon Vohr On Display at Little Bee Bakery

  1. Jon Vohr is a hell of an artist, but not many people know that he is also a culinary wunderkind…I once walked in during one of his Italian performances…the entire house was filled with the acrid smoke of a Mama Celeste’s frozen pizza that had been reduced to cinders in the oven while Jon was deep in repose face down on the couch. (true story). I have had the pleasure of seeing Jon’s work progress over the years, and his ability to create such visceral and tangible images on everything from scrap lumber to paint can lids to old skateboard decks is quite impressive. The few pieces i have of his are some of my most prized possessions and i am proud to call Jon a friend. I miss ya, buddy!
    -Zack Shea

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