3 thoughts on “Auto Wheel Thieves Strike on Bocana

  1. This morning about 6:45 there were two wheel rims on the grass in Holly Park across from the zero to 99 block. When I read your post, I was going to call 553-0123, but I checked first and they are gone. Maybe the car owner could check Rec and Park and see if they have them. Could have a clue to car thieves had.

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  2. I almost didn’t realize that I know that car without its wheels on. I’d often see this car on bike rides and every time I’d pass I’d notice how beautiful the finish on those wheels was. This sucks. My gearhead heart goes out to this person.

  3. Bernal Heights has a big sign on it that says, “Take me” Because who is going to get caught doing anything? And even if you are caught, our DA doesn’t prosecute when the criminals pull out the poor sob stories of drug addiction, lost jobs or a family to feed.

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