Tuesday: Celebrate 17 Years of Heartfelt with Neighbor Darcy


Some things change, some things stay the same, and some things stay the same because they change a lot. The fabulous Heartfelt store on Cortland has been able to stick around for a long time because its proprietor, Neighbor Darcy Lee, is obsessively focused on making sure her “contemporary five-and-dime” store always feels fresh and new.

This week, Neighbor Darcy is celebrating 17 years of Hearffelt, with an in-store party on Tuesday, July 26:

I recently looked up to see when I bought the store, and discovered it was 1999. I was a retail newbie at that time, and I jumped in with both feet.

We would like to thank the neighborhood that made 17 years possible on Tuesday, July 26th from 6-8 pm. We hope to party like its 1999, and thus are asking folks to wear purple in honor of my favorite rock star of all time. First 50 folks that wear purple get a door prize.

We’l have cookies champagne, and Mariachi Jalisco will be playing!

Congratulations, Darcy!


PHOTO: Darcy Lee during a rainstorm, 2015, by Telstar Logistics. Poster, artwork by Reuben Rude

7 thoughts on “Tuesday: Celebrate 17 Years of Heartfelt with Neighbor Darcy

  1. Congratulations to Darcy and Heartfelt! Yay! Been living in the ‘hood since 2000, and have been shopping at Heartfelt since that time!

  2. Wow, 17 years! I have known this store for only 6 years, but I agree it always feels fresh and new. Much love! xo

  3. After 17 years, you’d think they’d have a sensible return policy. An item I bought for my wife broke 2 days after purchase and the best she would offer is a store credit. Now I’m stuck with a credit in a shop I will never, ever step foot into again.

  4. I’m sorry I missed this, but congrats on your 17 years Darcy! Heartfelt is my dream store.

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