Video Captures Thieves Stealing Packages on Prospect


A home security camera captured a pair of package thieves stealing a delivery from a Bernal Heights home on Prospect near Esmeralda. Neighbor A. says:

Some of our mail and packages were stolen on Friday, May 20th, 2016 @ ~8pm. Looks to be two people, maybe a father (who is toting a large bag with possibly other mail/packages) and son, or friends.

Here’s the video clip. If you recognize the perps, please call SFPD Ingleside Station at (415) 404-4000:

7 thoughts on “Video Captures Thieves Stealing Packages on Prospect

  1. Hi Todd, Wondering if you have learned anything about the parklet that was obviously hit by a car on Cortland? Thanks Susan

  2. It’s not a boy it’s a GIRL she’s white about 28-32 she has pierced dimples did anyone hear the high speed chase on cortland a few nights ago

  3. Why does this article say a pair of package theifs? It looks like only one person stole a package. The person he/she was walking with in the hoodie could have just been walking on the street around that same time. Did I miss something?

  4. The sort of crimes happening in the neighborhood are just depressing. While not as awful as people being hurt or worse, but it does make me feel more vulnerable. Lifelong SF resident, so fully aware of the environment I live in, but Bernal always felt so much safer and less prone to what other neighborhoods experienced. It’s something I don’t like having to get used to, but I must…it just seems that in SF these days, crime pays…

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