Tonight: Learn About Buildings That Have Moved, with the Bernal Heights History Project


Neighbor Vicky Walker invites you to a meeting of the Bernal Heights History Project happening TONIGHT, April 20.  The topic at hand will be buildings that have been moved from their original locations. (Like, for example, this big one at 3365 Cesar Chavez.)

Neightbor Vicky  says:

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

at the Bernal Heights Branch Library
“San Francisco Relocated” slideshow and talk by Diane Donovan

San Francisco is second only to Chicago in the amount of buildings that have been physically moved around town – but until now, this story has never appeared in book form. Diane Donovan’s “San Francisco Relocated” (Arcadia Publishing, 2015) offers an introduction to the topic, covering the heyday and high points of building moves throughout San Francisco and profiling some small-time building movers whose efforts transformed neighborhoods such as the Portola District and the Crocker-Amazon.

From Bernal Heights earthquake cottage moves to moving churches, industrial buildings, and Victorian houses, the City’s rich house-moving heritage is reviewed with dozens of images accompanying stories of house movers, historic buildings, and “impossible moves.” Diane Donovan put her skills to work on a project that took on a life of its own and eventually involved a quest to locate her childhood landlord’s family and his inspiration for entering the house-moving business. Copies of her book, San Francisco Relocated, will be available for sale and signing. Wednesday’s meeting starts at 7 p.m. sharp in the downstairs meeting room; turn left at the bottom of the stairs. As always, it is free and open to all.

PHOTO: 3365 Cesar Chavez, as seen on the north side of the street in 1938, and the south side in 2012