What Is the Bernal Business Alliance and How Can You Get Involved?


Neighbor Darcy from Heartfelt on Cortland extends an invitation for all sorts of Bernal businessfolk to get involved with the Bernal Business Alliance. She also extends an invitation to join the BBA’s next meeting on April 13, as well as a call for artists to help create a vintage-style map of Bernal Heights.

Darcy writes:

The BBA (Bernal Business Alliance) has gone through ups and downs over the years that I have been involved. It used to be the Cortland Merchants Association. and after our leader, David Ayoob passed away suddenly, different merchants have taken turns leading the organization. We have tried to bring more energy and life by also including home-based business, contractors, chefs, writers etc. We also welcome business folks who live in Bernal but whose businesses are actually in other neighborhoods in the city.

Right now we are in one of those phases where there’s a surge of interest and energy, so please consider joining and adding your voice to the working neighborhood.

Our meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 10 am in the library community room, and I will be running the next meeting on April 13th. The theme is safety, and Captain McFadden from SFPD Ingleside is sending a representative. How can the business community make Bernal safer for all residents? What are your concerns?

On top of all that, are publishing a retro-style map in the next few months, (the image above is an example of the style we are going for), and we are looking for an artist-in=residence for 2016. This would involve designing posters for the strolls, a vintage style Bernal map, and even working on a new logo for the BBA. If you’re interested please contact us at bba@bernalbusiness.org.

P.S. BBA Membership is only $50 for the year and you can join here.