Two Arrested in Connection with Esmeralda Stairs Assault


Breaking News: Two suspects have been arrested in connection with the frightening Jan. 27 robbery and assault that took place on the Esmeralda stairs in western Bernal.

Capt. Joseph McFadden of SFPD Ingleside Station reports:

Two suspects were arrested in the robbery/assault of a woman on the Esmerelda steps from January 27th. Nice work by a great witness who came forward from the neighborhood and the Inspector assigned to the case at Ingleside.. Just an FYI to let people know we are on it.

This comes to us via Neighbor Sarah, your valiant liaison to the SFPD, who adds:

I’ll also be asking neighbors to send letters to DA encouraging a robust prosecution.

That’s all we know for now; Bernalwood will share additional details as they become available.  In the meantime, thank you and well done, SFPD Ingleside.

IMAGE: Surveillance camera footage of one suspect in the January 27 Esmeralda stairway assault


9 thoughts on “Two Arrested in Connection with Esmeralda Stairs Assault

  1. And then DA George Gascón said, “Let my people go!”…oh wait, that was G-d to Moses. But Gascon will still be letting these creeps out because they deserve another chance and their moms say they are nice boys.
    All stupidity aside. What’s the address to write the DA?

    • That’s the spirit! Keep expecting the worst. Nothing feels as good as complaining, right?

      I for one can say great job catching this guys! Great neighborhood coordination and great police work

      • Right? Sheesh. Well said, b. If we could capture all of the negative energy in every online comments section, we’d never need another tablespoon of foreign oil, solar panel, windmill, or any such form of energy. 🤓

  2. Great! Wonder how much this has to do with the neighbor’s video camera footage. Anybody have recommendations for outdoor cameras?

    • That neighbor with the camera would be me. Contact neighbor Ilan Jacob of Sherlock surveillance who recommended, sourced and installed our system.

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