Surveillance Video Shows Suspect Before and After Esmeralda Stairway Assault



Bernalwood has obtained video footage that shows the suspect in Wednesday’s Esmeralda stairway robbery in the moments just before and just after the victim was assaulted.

In the first part of the video, the suspect is seen approaching the Esmeralda stairs. In the second half, he is shown running from the scene while carrying the victim’s handbag.  Here is the video:

If you have additional information about the suspect or his identity, please contact SFPD Ingleside Station: (415)404-4000.

18 thoughts on “Surveillance Video Shows Suspect Before and After Esmeralda Stairway Assault

  1. There was a robbery and assault at Virginia and Lundys a few weeks ago. Here’s the text from the Ingleside Police Station crime log. Note: The time says 2:01pm, but this happened in the early morning after 2 am. We heard a woman scream and many neighbors ran outside to help.

    Incident Date:
    Sunday, January 17th, 2016

    2:01pm Virginia/Lundy Ln. Attempted Robbery
    A woman walking home noticed a man casually walking ahead of her on Virginia Avenue. She told Ingleside Officers Stark and Carew that when she reached the intersection of Virginia and Lundy Lane, the man suddenly appeared with a silver handgun in his hand and demanded her cell phone. The victim responded, “What? No”, and refused to surrender her property. The suspect then repeated his demand pointing the gun at her and the woman again refused saying “No”. The suspect then began hitting the woman several times on her hands while demanding her phone. The victim screamed for help and the suspect took off running northbound on Lundy Lane. The woman was taken to the hospital and treated for a broken hand. A search for the suspect was unsuccessful. Report number: 160046221

      • Yes, in theory I agree with you 100%. But, and this is said with a huge grain of salt, but sometimes shock and panic set in quickly and the affront (is that what I want to say?) of someone demanding something of yours, despite the fact of a gun, despite logic dictating you to hand it over, you can find yourself blurting out “No”, not really meaning no, but saying it nonetheless. I am so very, very glad that it was “only” a broken hand and not something much worse and more permanent. Oy. (P.S. this is coming from a daughter of a 30+ year law enforcement father who described this strange phenomena that he saw happen over and over again)

  2. Thank God she lived to tell her story. Please remember to generally comply with the wishes of a gun-toting robber, if it is only a robbery. Next time and next victim: hand over the phone!

  3. “I’m ready for my close-up, Officer”

    A leitmotif of all the presentations at the two meetings was the need for more cameras. (I wish we had such 20 to 30 years ago when Bernal was an open air drug store and occasional shooting range.)

    For those of us left behind on the IT superhighway I was wondering if any of you new, geeky tech neighbors would be willing to do a neighborhood workshop on security cam’s? The offerings are mind numbing. To Cloud or not to cloud? Night vision? Push messages to your phone? And all sorts of other functionalities that might as well be written in Farsi as far as my understanding goes.

    • ایده خوبی است!

      (Google tells me that’s Farsi for “good idea!”) Any savvy readers want to write a basic “Newfangled Home Security Cameras 101” piece for Bernalwood?

      • look for a system from Funlux on Ebay. you want the HD NVR that works off your internet connection and you can watch online from your phone. They are around $200 for 4 cameras and work well. It is not hard to set up.


    • Why does your geeky neighbor have to be new? I’ve been in IT and lived in San Francisco for 25 years. I have security cameras and I know a lot about the technology. ONVIF, POE, BLC & WDR, lux ratings, when to use 2.8mm v 4mm focal length. Vandal proof dome vs bullet cam.
      Here is the problem, there is not a one size fits all solution for everyone. The price can vary widely from a simple $200 dropcam type solution to a full on multicam pan tilt zoom system with DVR. Each location should be assessed for what fits best.
      I could type something up, but let me say this. Check out Although the author of the blog passed away, there is lots of good information and reviews there. You can see some of the differences in image quality at different price points. I can vouch for that is often called out a place to buy hardware. I’m a customer and have received great support from them. in new york is another good source. Most serious camera folks know B&H well.
      I think we actually have a camera installer on here as well. Probably best if he chimes in. I think he can provide full service.

      • Well thanks for your response, I suppose.
        25 years? That makes you a NEW neighbor.
        I admit that your post is not in Farsi. Nor is it in English. It also has that not-so subtle patronizing and condescending tone so inimical to the new IT aristocracy. It also leaves one with the impression that the goal of your post is less to help and more to show off your technocratic superiority much like the content of the links you posted. Your post is no help whatsoever to those of us left behind, but then that wasn’t the point was it? You were merely showing off.

  4. But the video follows the guy as if the camera is controlled at the scene… Is there a crime camera there?

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