Bernal Real Estate Market Less Bonkers, More Balanced in 2015 Microhood Report


As 2015 recedes into the rearview mirror of history, let’s take a moment to evaluate the real estate year-that-was, by looking at Bernal Heights Microhood Sales Trends for full-year 2015 compiled by Bernal neighbors and realtors Michael Minson and Danielle Lazier.

Just as they did for 2014 (and once again with Bernalwood’s permission) Neighbors Michael and Danielle tracked recent home sales data according to the boundaries of Bernalwood’s official Bernal Heights microhoods map.

Neighbor Michael Minson reports on a refreshing new trend: the bonkers Bernal Heights real estate market is now somewhat less bonkers. He tells Bernalwood:

We’re definitely feeling a gradual slowdown in Bernal Heights, which is welcome news for the buyers we work with. The second half of 2015 saw a slowdown across nearly all metrics:

  • The median sales price decreased $100k from $1.38M to $1.28M
  • Overbidding reduced from 20% over asking to 17%
  • Days on Market increased by nearly a full week (from 14 to 20 days)

The best looking homes in prime locations are still selling quickly, but there are fewer records being broken. Properties that are challenged in some way (like no view, no parking, bad layout or unsightly neighboring homes) are taking longer to sell and are not getting crazy overbids.

Fortunately for homeowners, we haven’t seen evidence of a declining market. Values are holding steady or showing modest gains. Days on Market increased by nearly a full week (from 14 to 20 days).

Here are the tables, in case you’re feeling especially data hungry:


DOM = Days on market
PPSF = Price per square foot

Here’s some more detail to visualize:

2015 Bernal Heights Market Report - Web

UPDATE: Also, FWIW, Paragon Real Estate shares this chart that provides a comparative perspective on home-price appreciation in Bernal Heights since 2011:


6 thoughts on “Bernal Real Estate Market Less Bonkers, More Balanced in 2015 Microhood Report

    • Miraloma Park prices increased more (20%) than Bernal (12%) in the past year. But I think that Miraloma is a little less expensive than Bernal because it is less walkable to restaurants, etc., more remote, foggier– and it’s not Bernal.

    • I don’t think people moving into SF even know about Miraloma or to look over there in the Monterey Heights/Ingleside area.
      I’m willing to bet foreign investors are not asking their partners in San Francisco to find them property in Miraloma.

  1. WHAT? The house with the Panoramic Peppy Pink Power-Puff Princess/Predator Painting was sold?

    When do the new owners take possession? I have a welcome basket full of high-quality house paint samples ready to deliver…


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